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  • Bagforce - Supply many kinds of gravels, cobbles, pebbles, granite, chippings, rockery rocks and slate delivered to your door in bags or loose. Catalogue of products available, opening hours, contact details and on-line quote form.
  • Custom Glaze - Local independent double glazing company offering windows doors and conservatories. Product and contact information.
  • Four Seasons Pet Care - House sitting service offer pet, home and garden care while you are away. Includes services, area covered and about the owner.
  • Richwood Bedrooms - Bedrooms designed and fitted in real wood or vinyl. Example photographs provided.
  • Schüco International - Providing aluminium, PVC-U and glass constructions systems for homes. Product, service and staff training information can be found along with contact details.
  • Scotts Interiors - Curtains, blinds, soft furnishings, interior design. Details and photos of sample products along with contact details.
  • Win-dor - Local windows, doors and conservatory supplier. Details about the company, products and service along with means of contact.
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    • Clifton Lodge Hotel High Wycombe Bucks

      Clifton Lodge Hotel
      210 West Wycombe Road. High Wycombe
      HP12 3AR Tel: 01494 440095
      We hope to make your stay enjoyable FREE onsite parking with CCTV
      Bed and breakfast terms available FREE Wi-Fi
      English breakfast available Freeview Flat Screen TV 's
      Bar and Restaurant Garden for guest use
      Ensuite in all rooms Conferences Events
      Book online with credit card
      01494 440095

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    • Arastos

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    PostHeaderIcon Investments in the downturn

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    David Baker, Senior Manager, Financial Planning, Mazars LLP, Oxford

    Top ten tips on savings and investments in the downturn are as follows:

    1. Check interest rates on savings, especially regular savings accounts. The disparity between the best and worst rates is significant, especially on regular savings where you can now achieve up to 10% gross return, rates we have not witnessed for a number of years.

    2. Make use of tax-free allowances. Individual savings accounts provide attractive cash rates tax free. National savings, especially index-linked savings, are increasingly attractive against a background of rising food and energy costs.

    3. Maximise tax allowances. Many households have a main breadwinner who may be a higher rate taxpayer with the partner being either a basic or non-taxpayer. Ensure that savings and investments that are not tax free are in the name of the lower-taxpaying individual.

    4. Ensure that your age allowance is optimised. If you are over 65 you get an additional personal allowance, which can be eroded by investment income if this takes your total income over £21,800. Capital investment bonds can provide a source of funds without affecting your age allowance.

    5. Do not forget the longer term. Continue to invest in pensions as, depending on your tax rate, you will receive either an additional 20% or 40% tax relief on the investment, making these highly attractive longer term options. As you can invest in cash funds, there is no need to take any investment risk. We do not want this downturn to have an impact on long-term planning if possible.

    6. Diversify your investment. Do not invest in one asset class; for example, do not have all your funds invested in cash or all your funds invested in shares. Consider a combination with fixed interest investments, alternative investments and property. Diversification reduces risk and protects your overall portfolio in such difficult times.

    7. Investment risk. What investment risk have you taken? Is the risk you are taking still relevant to your requirements? Can you meet your needs by taking less risk? For example, why invest in equities if your needs can be met by cash returns? Ensure that you are taking no more risk than needed to meet your specific requirements.

    8. Monitor your investments both in terms of performance and charges. Increased charges on contracts directly affect the performance. Ensure that your investments have a competitively charged structure.

    9. Consider your debt. A debt could be considered as simply a negative saving or investment. What rates are you paying on mortgages, credit cards, store cards etc? Can they be improved upon? Can they be consolidated to pay one lesser cost on a monthly basis?

    10. Income protection/mortgage protection policies. Although not directly savings or investments they do protect against the erosion of such assets should your employment circumstances be at risk during a downturn period.

    Remember that during a period of economic downturn, this can be the perfect opportunity to buy investments when the market and consequently prices are low.

    Always take professional and independent advice on any area of financial planning.


    Clifton Lodge Hotel
    210 West Wycombe Road,
    High Wycombe,
    Buckinghamshire,HP12 3AR
    Telephone 01494 440095

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    Future 60
    • Lets have a second referendum on Brexit

      Now we have been educated with the problems of Brexit. We now realise its a big mistake to get out of Europe.Even The EU realises that.
      Why do not we go for a second referendum and test the water again.Parliament keeps telling us they are working for the will of the people.I hate to tell them THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE HAS CHANGED-YOU ARE OUT OF DATE AGAIN. ANOTHER POLITICAL BLUNDER COMING UP.
      Some members of Parliament consider that they will have more personal power by getting out of Europe. That is why
      the economy is sinking just on the thought of Brexit.
      Why do we keep heading towards the cliff. There is no green grass at the bottom of this cliff.

    • Disaster is on its way for the UK economy

      Over the last 40 years we became involved with many activities linked to the EU.
      These will now have to be moved to a EU Country. This will mean loss of jobs for the UK and a disaster for the economy

      Trade needs to be linked to the EU. There is not enough for us outside the EU. UK Business needs the EU for trade and staff

      The EU Countries are taking their own control over immigration. We can do that and still retain our EU rights. We only need the right type of immigrants.

      GO FOR A SECOND REFERENDUM AND REVERSE THIS DOOM or Stay linked to the EU (As Norway) and strengthen our economy.

    • Second Referendum is our only hope

      The Election failed to show us any way forward.We are now in a worse situation.
      We have to reconsider our situation and ask the public to reconsider their situation NOW before we negotiate with the EU

      We need to have another referendum.

      We need to state on the voting document

      If we vote out it will make us poorer.

      If we vote in our economy will be better

    • Government needs an Action List

      Now The Government is on the back seat mainly because of their own demise.

      The only answer now is a soft or weaker Brexit.

      But is it worth going through the pain considering a soft or weaker weaker Brexit.

      Why not save the turmoil and have another referendum. Maybe the younger voters will now realise they have to vote and brexit will be forgotten

    • Brexit and an Election WHAT NEXT ?

      Having an election before Brexit. This appears to gives the Government a chance to impose more ways of getting our money. ie rewrite the Manifesto.

      The country has also had to accept for years that dementia is not an illness and we have to pay for it. Really?

      Now The Government are kidding us that 100 K is the way forward and we should be content with the government allowing us to keep 100 K of our inheritance. By the way you pay everything else over when your dead.

      The election is unfortunately a diversion. We should be thinking more about Brexit and dealing with it.

      We have unfortunately managed to get ourselves into voting for Brexit because Cameron could not work with the European Union. There is a need for The European Union to change attitude and work more for the countries they represent.

      That does not mean we stop immigrants. Control it maybe if you can.

      We need immigrants from Europe to work with us and for us. So why don't we go with Europe policy for now and wait for them modify their immigration policy. There is nothing stopping us monitoring the immigration without restriction unless they are criminal etc.

      Trading-do we want to trade outside The European Union . Europe are are neighbours and our friends. We should trade with them first. They are on our doorstep.

      Are the conservatives going in the right way to improve living and trading conditions. I think not.


      Leaving The EU is much more complicated than we all thought. Do we continue in it and change the rules.

      Employment- We still need to allow employers employ Euro Nationals. We have do not have enough trained educated candidates in the UK. Extreme control over stopping immigration will be harmful and disaster for us.

      Trade- its good that we could get trading with who we want. There is still a strong need to continual trading with Europe.running the two systems would be better for all EU Members

      European Law. Needs modifying. We can never get rid of it but somethings need sorting to make it more practical.EU Member should be able to use local laws and not be dominated by EU Power to control

      The EU is like all large block of power. Difficult to deal with and power crazy.

      It needs to have a different structure and attitude towards EU Members. EU Members must still be able to work at being small, individual and independent and use a the larger group network to improve things such a crime prevention and trading. Not allow the network ie EU take control and power over each European Country.

      If the EU was able to change its attitude towards its members it might be able to survive. If it does not and we are not in it.We can never save it.

    • Election is a bit of a gamble

      Half the country never wanted to get out of Europe. They still do not.
      They will not vote Labour because it would be a wasted vote.
      They could vote Lib Dem hoping that a power shift away from The Conservatives will dilute a Hard Brexit.

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