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  • So we are on way way out of The European Union

    The option to Vote has now driven us out of The Union.

    We now have to take the advantage and not carry on blaming ourselves or others.It was a shock the way it went BUT GET OVER IT.

    The European Union is an organisation that tries to represent Europe.
    It is now nervous that a country has dared to take control of themselves.

    It will not be easy to deal with them because they want us to fail.
    We will not fail and maybe others will split away.That is their biggest fear.

    Northern Ireland now needs to be used as a trade Area to negotiate with Europeans direct.Taking advantage of its doorstep location with Southern Ireland. The UK needs to lower corporation rates to be the same as Ireland.This will be an advantage for all business.

    We need to create a small coordinating and marketing organisation and use CBI and Group Trading organisations to promote Great Britain.The commonwealth needs to be a bigger part of our trade. Our main objective must be to trade globally.
    The social legislation and general laws need to be rewritten and but back into British Law. Maybe a 5 year project.There is going to be lots to sort. In the meantime we can still use Modified European Law and call it that.

    For Info
    The European Union is a politico-economic union of 28 member states. It has an area of 4,324,782 km², and an estimated population of over 508 million, and operates through a hybrid system of supranational ... Wikipedia
    Area: 4.325 million km²
    Founded: November 1, 1993, Maastricht, Netherlands
    Headquarters: City of Brussels, Belgium
    Unemployment rate: 9.6% (Apr 2015) Eurostat
    Government debt: 87.4% of GDP (2013) Eurostat
    Largest city: London
    Founders: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands, Germany


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  • Clifton Lodge Hotel High Wycombe Bucks
    Clifton Lodge hotel High Wycombe

    A privately owned hotel near West Wycombe Bucks.

    210 West Wycombe Road
    High Wycombe
    HP12 3AR

    01494 440095

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    If anyone has a problem with the content of this site and wishes for any content to be remove please contact me.

    News's blog


  • James Ward known as Mark James T/A as Car Care Automotive Great Yarmouth Guilty of Handling Stolen Car Parts

    James Ward known as Mark James was found guilty last week for handling stolen car parts from his business called Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd Great Yarmouth.. Phone number 01493 717767
    A Subaru Impreza was stolen from High Wycombe, an area where Ward lived at the time of the theft. The car was broken up for parts by Ward. He has also set up a new business that deals with Subaru’s. The business is in Great Yarmouth, Car Care Automotive. Unit 6 Suffolk Rd. Phone number 01493 717767.
    Thames Valley Police raided Car Care Automotive on the 24/2/15 and found a few parts left from the stolen Subaru. Ward was bailed until April. On the 20/4/15 Thames Valley Police charged Ward with handling and selling stolen goods. Ward has even put parts from the stolen car onto other cars.
    On the 6/5/15 Ward pleaded guilty to breaking the Subaru, knowing it was stolen and selling it for parts.
    Anyone with a Subaru are advised to be careful dealing with the business known as Car Care Automotive at Great Yarmouth. The Court Order was made against James Mark Ward at High Wycombe Court. The Case number is 431500197216/1 6th May 2015. This article is printed in good faith from verified data and is in the interest of public awareness.The business Care Care Automotive at Yarmouth
    should not be confused with any other business with a similar name.

PostHeaderIcon Marlow Magazine

Clifton Lodge Hotel

Clifton Lodge Hotel
210 West Wycombe Road,
High Wycombe,
Buckinghamshire,HP12 3AR
Telephone 01494 440095

Wycombe Property
Marlow & District Community 1st Responders

– on call to save lives in your community.

Marlow and District Community First Responders is a group of equipped volunteers, trained by South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS). Mobilised by Ambulance Control they respond to certain types of medical emergencies and initiate
treatment while the ambulance is en-route.

So why are they needed? The chances of saving a life can be greatly increased by early intervention, which can be as vital as just a minute or two. For every minute that passes following a cardiac arrest, the chances of survival decreases by 10%. Early access means, if needed, early resuscitation, early defibrillation and early advanced
life support.

This type of scheme isn’t a new concept, there are many such schemes around the country, which make a real difference and have saved many lives over the years. SCAS train responders to help patients suffering from cardiac related
problems, breathing difficulties, severe bleeding, diabetic emergencies and
unconscious casualties, all of which will benefit from early treatment.

Community First Responders can save these vital minutes as their homes are their bases, from which they are deployed simultaneously with the Ambulance by Ambulance Control. Because their homes are in the locality, they should arrive before the Ambulance to provide emergency life support and reassurance to relatives and friends.

If you would like to show your support for the job they do, why not sponsor a piece of equipment or make Marlow and District Community First Responders your charity for next year. They are a voluntary organization, therefore they have to raise the funds to operate the scheme. They are supported by St John Ambulance and South Central Ambulance Service, but there are items they have to provide for themselves. Items such as magnetic signs to put on the sides of responder vehicles, additional kits and defibrillators to expand the team, and many more pieces of equipment could increase efficiency and make a life or death difference. In addition, the kit that has been kindly donated by SCAS League of Friends will eventually need replacing, therefore they require funds to cover this eventuality.

To purchase such equipment they are relying on the generosity of the public, local businesses and organizations. Marlow and District Community First Responders would be very grateful for any donation or sponsorship that you are able to provide the scheme, whether this is by raising some general funds, purchasing a defibrillator or maybe even a complete kit. In return sponsorship badges or plates could be displayed on the piece of equipment or kit bag.

It currently costs £1,575 to buy a defibrillator and a SatNav system would cost around £90-£120 for each Responder.

If you would like to find out more about Marlow Community First Responders then please contact the Scheme Leader:  Victoria Aley
                Tel. 01628 487366
                                                                         Mobile. 07852 952918

First Response NHS Link

Marlow Rowing Club
  • Exciting News from the Head of the Charles

    We are delighted to report some fantastic results from the Head of the Charles this year.

    Women's Masters (40+) crew won a  2nd place silver medal and the Junior crews on their inaugural trip to Boston also acheived results to make us hugely proud.


    Cath Bishop, Katherine Grainger, Gillian Lindsay, Sarah Winckless, Beth Rodford, Jo Turvey, Ruth Naylor, Kate MackenzieP and cox Adrian Ellison formed the WMas crew.  In a superb boat provided by Resolute, with Concept 2 oars, the crew started Bow 11 and battled the elements over the famous Head of the Charles course, overtaking several crews and finishing in a strong second place. Another great Marlow row.

    HOTCW8 2




    WMas crew with Jeff from Resolute


    The Women's Youth Fours ... Abbie Matthews, Izzy Taylor, Emily Bourne & Katy Claridge with a borrowed cox Cate Water ... completed a fine row, achieving a brilliant overall 14th out of a huge field of 85 entries!  This was followed by the Women's Youth Coxed Quad ... Georgia Dean, Abbie Bird, Charlotte Fennell, Georgia Matthews and cox Molly Fennell  ... who had a superb row achieving a hugely inspiring 3rd place BRONZE medal.

    ... a few hours later it was the turn of the boys ...

     HOTC YouthCoxedQuad 3


  • Super Para Sunday

    The biggest day in the history of Marlow pararowing this past Sunday.

    • BRITISH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Enormous congratulations to our very own Kingsley Ijomah, who secured a silver medal at the Brit Champs in Nottingham with a superb performance over his first ever 2k race in quite demanding conditions.


    • HEAD OF THE CHARLES REGATTA – Ben Marsden and Bruce Lynn came in a respectable 6th (out of 13) in the Inclusive 2x at the Head of the Charles in Boston, Massachusetts.  They were third 3/4s through, but faded coping with  a crazy headwind (20 mph with gusts up to 30!...).


    Ben’s and Kingsley’s great results are something we can all be proud of.  Without the logistics, infrastructure, volunteer and financial support of the Marlow RC none of us could enjoy the sport much less achieve these results.  And without the camaraderie, rivalry, and encouragement of the whole squad, no one could survive the long, tedious, exhausting training required to achieve these results.

    Huge congratulations to Kingsley and Ben.......and Bruce!!


    Kingsley was recently interviewed about his rowing by Adrian Chiles on Radio 5 Live....checkout his interview here:  

    (from about 55 mins in)

  • Marlow Members form Guard of Honour for Olympians & Paralympians at Higginson Park Reception


    Higginson Park played host to our local Olympians and Paralympians last weekend with a 'meet and greet the public' event in the Park, followed by a reception in Court Gardens hosted by Wycombe District Council.  Marlow Rowing Club members formed a Guard of Honour along with Marlow Hockey Club.  

  • Adrian Kerridge

    It is with regret we have to announce Adrian Kerridge passed away last week after suffering a heart attack.



    Adrian had been a member of Marlow Rowing Club for over 40 years and was a generous man; benefactor and donor to the club. He was keen on seeing the juniors of the club develop and prosper and was one of stalwarts of the Marlow Regatta Committee. In this latter role Adrian was normally charged with organising the public address and communications systems which he discharged professionally each year (Adrian owned and ran a successful recording studio as his profession). Adrian rowed and sculled in a wide variety of crews and successfully competed for the club. In the 80's he rowed in a successful four which included Peter Blaseby, John Ladbon and Peter Bayfield. Other occasional members of this four were John Gill and Chris Lenton. More latterly he sculled with Peter Blaseby in a double.

    Adrian’s generosity to the club was immense - it included financial support for a variety of projects and boat acquisitions over many years and more recently he was a Gold Donor in the scheme to rebuild the club after the fire. He also donated the Kerridge Cup which was awarded each year to the overall winner of the Marlow Fours and Pairs Head normally held in October. Adrian was elected Vice President for his services to the club. 

    The funeral will be at 1.30 p.m. on Friday 14th October at St. Peter's Catholic Church, St. Peter Street, Marlow. The Wake will take place at MRC from 2.30 p.m. There will be a private family burial and I think the family will arrive at MRC at approx. 3.15.

    There are two specific requests

    1.       No black so blazers are in order

    2.       No flowers, donations to Marlow RC President's Fund - by post to MRC marked for the attention of Peter Blaseby.

  • Scullers Update


    New Cafe Opening Hours:


    Saturday and Sunday
    8am-11am (rowers only)


     Please nominate us for a Marlow FM Hidden Gem Award



  • Scullers Cafe CIC


    ...... at the Marlow Rowing Club 

    New Cafe Opening Hours:


    Saturday and Sunday
    8am-11am (rowers only)


    Click below for more information and to see menu samples!...... 

  • Henley Vets Regatta

    Congratulations to the MasB 8o and WMasB 4+ for their wins at Henley Vets Regatta.


  • Learn to Row

    Our Learn to Row programme has now finished, please check back when we resume in Spring 2017.

    Learn to row courses for adults run throughout the summer until the end of September, new courses are scheduled roughly every six weeks.

    Pick a course and sign up online.

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